Sunday, January 27, 2013

eCollaboration meets the Luddite

A new semester has begun and my enrollment in an e-collaboration course at La Salle University has ended my excuses to take the plunge into the new world of social learning. For years, the little orange RRS artwork at the bottom of blogs have been a mystery. How do they work and why are they there? I have struggled since the beginning of Twitter to compose a total of 10 tweets and I have long gaps in making posts to this very blog. But no more...

Today, I make the pledge to join +Jane Hart,  and learn about 10 new eCollaboration tools.  I join Jane  in  the 10 tools challenge and will make this year's 'new year's resolution' one of exploring these tools. What a fabulous way to reduce the mystery and fear of these tools.  Won't you join me in this challenge?  If a self-proclaimed luddite, can take on this challenge, so can you!

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