Sunday, February 17, 2013

Wisdom from Alice's Restaurant

Not far from our office is Alice's Restaurant, a local eatery that seems oblivious to their name sake. You can be sure, however, they are serving up more than hot meatloaf sandwiches.  Mary will dish out advice and matter of fact feedback if prompted, much to your surprise or delight, depending on your attitude. 

On my last visit, I carefully ordered the bowl of Chicken Orzo soup, a broth based dish with a side salad and fat free dressing. After giving Mary my order, I  commented that I had made a good selection and I was in complete control of my food choices. She looked at me carefully before commenting…."we'll see how long this lasts." 

Mary knows how hard it is to change a habit. She works around food everyday and has the advantage of watching people make choices. She sees the result of diet observing her patrons as they make their way to their tables out of breath, struggling to squeeze into the booth.  Then she notices their choices as they peruse the practically endless menu available at Alice's Restaurant. 

We only need to note that obesity is a national health issue to confirm how hard habits are to change. But isn't most of learning about developing a new habit that will make us more effective? Charles Dehigg has written a great book, The Power of Habit, to help us to crack the code behind our habits once and for all. Get the essence of his model in this short film and take the first steps to building the habits you desire.

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