Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Are you challenged by synchronizing a slidecast?

Now that the +Jane Hart  10 tool challenge is safely behind me, I can admit to spending all day Sunday trying to create my very first Slidecast using Slideshare. I was feeling defeated by what seemed to be the simplest technology...I roamed the internet, viewing countless blog posts, and even slidecasted tutorials on how to create a slidecast...none of these addressed the function of how to manually set the synchronization.

I deleted and reloaded the slides and MP3 file countless times and each time my slides were terribly misaligned with the sound track. I decided to post the slidecast anyway hoping to find a fix quickly. Then today, I found this post buried deeply in Slideshare's help Center. I am sharing it here in hopes of saving someone else the frustration I experienced without finding this information. 

Once I found the missing instructions, success was within my reach and I present below the fruits of my labor...."ta-da!" 

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