Friday, May 25, 2012

Learning from the flower bed

I decided to get a jump on the holiday weekend and tackle some weeding this morning around our office. I  was moving along the edge of a bed when suddenly my left hand - the one I use to balance myself, was "on fire!!" I looked down and it was covered with the tiniest little aunts. I had only been in that spot for 2-3 minutes and those little aunts wasted no time in launching their counter attack…yes, "counter" attack. I was the invader to "their" property.

I pondered their swift and passionate action as I moved safely away from their homestead. I could not help but compare their behavior to organizations that watch "an invader" and do not take action, or wait too long to act. 'Invaders' can come in many forms: employees whose skills do not match the organizations goals, conflict on the team, poor work habits, a lack of engagement, a steady loss of customers, a lack of alignment on goals and objectives.  What passionate action does your organization need to take? What is stopping you from acting? What can you learn from aunts?

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