Sunday, May 20, 2012

A work in progress

Today I attended the 153rd commencement ceremony at Albright College to witness my son's graduation. It was exciting to observe over 500 people on the threshold of their careers and dreams. I was moved by the music, inspiring words and support from families and friends. I was most inspired by the words by Lex O. McMillian, Albright's President, who reminded students that learning continues beyond this degree. He then shared the results of an Albright tradition in which students may offer, if they wish, a sticker to the President as they receive their diplomas. These stickers are imprinted with the words "a work in progress." Over 90% of the graduates shared these stickers with the president as they received their diplomas. I was glad for such a ritual that serves as a tangible reminder for our need to keep learning. My husband has always suggested that we are not human beings, we are human "becomings"...we are a work in progress. How cool to be involved in a profession which is dedicated to learning and be reminded daily of my personal need to keep learning.

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