Sunday, April 29, 2012

How long does it take for learning to transfer?

How long does it take for learned knowledge to transfer into behavior? 'It depends' is probably a good answer! If, for example, the behavior is related to using a software tool effectively and you will be using it every day, and other options have gone away forcing you to get lots of practice, it may happen pretty quickly. If you are trying to change an interpersonal behavior that is well rooted, it may take longer.

According to Denny Coates, the author of the ASTD Infoline: "Enhance the Transfer of Training" a transfer can take time and feedback helps support it. Listen to an interview with Denny and then share your thoughts and experiences. If you would like for me to assess the level of organizational support for performance improvement within your company (the complimentary assessment offered in this interview) or get a copy of the ASTD Infoline please contact me directly at

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